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Frugal and Green

for the environmentalist on a budget

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Living frugally, living green, and old-fashioned practicality!
Living green doesn't have to be only for folks who have the money to buy only organic, drive a hybrid, and wear hand-woven hemp clothing. It's also for those who need or want to cut costs- because we can be green, too, and a large part of the time what's good for the environment is also good for the bank account.

This community is for those people- the environmentalists on a budget, or folks on a budget who'd like to be a little more eco-friendly. Come one, come all.

Some gentle posting guidelines- things we'd like to see and things we wouldn't.

We're excited to hear about how you can be gentle on the environment with a budget that doesn't leave much room for excess. Share your tips and tricks about any aspect of your life, or ask for advice. Share your excitement about projects or accomplishments. Ask for advice on the same! Post reviews of books, articles, or websites that have helped you- or haven't. Post about frugal green event planning, if that's what you're into. If you ask yourself: is this frugal? is this green? and the answer to both questions is, 'yes!' then it belongs here. Be creative! Have fun! Get excited!

On the other hand, this is not so much a place to post about green products. Buying things, in general, is not the focus. If you want to post about how buying one well-made pair of shoes has saved you money in replacement costs over the years- go for it (buying only one item instead of five? frugal! green!). If you want to ask for advice on buying organic beauty products, we'd really rather not. There are lots and lots of other places you can do that; thanks for understanding.

Although it hasn't been an issue here (we're too tiny!) there is also a totally arbitrary 'play nice' rule in effect. Say it nicely or don't say it at all.

This is all. Be well!